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KinTech Manufacturing, Inc, specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology website for more information by clicking here.KinTech Manufacturing, Inc, specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology website for more information by clicking here.


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What are the steps required to bring a product to market?

When considering designing a new product the following steps should be followed:

  • Patent Search - Make sure that the idea is not already protected by existing patents.
  • Marketing Process ModelMarketing Plan or Study - Is there actually demand for this product?  Can a market be generated?  I have found that this is the most overlooked aspect of new product development.  The cost of kicking off a new product and developing a market for that product will dwarf the cost of the engineering development.  If your quotes for development are more than you can afford, than you are unlikely to be able to afford the marketing of the product unless you can find a marketing partner. You should have a good idea how you are going to go about marketing your product and how to finance that activity before you begin the engineering development.
  • System DefinitionSpecification Development - Before a any design firm can begin to engineer a new product, they have to have a road map of how to get there.  That road map is a product specification.  A detailed specification describes the mechanical, electrical, and functional requirement for the product.  KinTech can assist with specifications development. Questions to ask when developing the specifications are:
    • How big (or small) is the device (physical dimensions)?
    • How is it to be powered (batteries, wall transformer, etc)?
    • How is the user to interface with the device (controls, switches, etc)?
    • What is it supposed to do (function description)?
  • Select A Design Company - Just call KinTech.
  • Review Specification  - Customer Specifications are reviewed by KinTech.  Costs are estimated.  Kintech will check for regulatory requirements such as FDA, FCC, or UL.
  • Create Schedule and Design Plan - A detailed design plan, testing plan, schedule and cost estimation are generated.
  • Detailed Design - KinTech will perform the following steps when designing the product:
    • Create Schematics or Circuit Diagram as needed.  This includes parts research and circuit simulation.
    • Bill of Material (BOM) creation for the circuit assembly.
    • Mechanical Packaging or Assembly design as needed.
    • Software design, flow charts or software modeling as needed.
    • Parts and materials procurement as needed.
    • Prototype Generation of hardware.
    • Software coding.
    • Troubleshooting and preliminary testing.
    • Make changes to the hardware and software as needed.
    • Perform testing as required by specifications and regulatory agencies.
    • Prepare documentation of Production
  • Production - Select vendor or vendors for production.  KinTech works with a number of vendors for production build.  There is no need to worry because we will be helping you with this phase of the process as well.
Configuration Management
KinTech maintains drafting logs for all drawings by drawing size, customer, and date generated. An Engineering Change Notice (ECN) is generated for externally released drawings when changes occur.  The ECN describes the change, the effectively of the change and the new revision letter.  KinTech Manufacturing, Inc. may also use the customers own configuration management system as directed by the customer.


Design work begins with a specification.  Using project management tools such as Microsoft Project, a schedule is generated and milestones are tracked.  Engineering design reviews are scheduled according to the customerís requirements. 


For projects that include items outside KinTechís capabilities such as the design of a tool for injection molding, KinTech may outsource that part of the design to another engineer or company.  Likewise, when building prototypes, KinTech will purchase parts and materials from established vendors.  KinTech may use customer purchasing department if required to do so by the customer.


Completion of the Project
Upon completion of a project, KinTech will make final release of all documentation and customer owned material to the customer.  Release format is industry standard unless otherwise directed by customer.



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